To Have Met Death

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To Have Met Death

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 28, 2008 2:09 am

I met him,
Through my despair,
Of my unwilling conscious,
We had a dynamic dialogue,
In the darkness of night,
He rapt me in his arms
Embracing my life, firmly,
We were both in a mission,
To be completed in time,
He was urgent, and I was naïve,
Not grasping the end of mine,
I linger in a life, designed for evil,
Oh, how I am out of reach for my soul,
I cried in my formation, questioning why!
Now, reckoning with the answer granted,
I didn’t have time to think of you, Oh death,
But now that I met you, I wish I had,
It’s not your look that I fear, but the thought
The thought of you and I –being in a room,
In a night that is impotent to resume,
I grin with fear –accepting the notion,
I know you’re in a hurry,
But can we chat before I leave,
I have questions to ask, and perhaps
Help me gain knowledge,
Of why I exist,
Why I persist to breathe,
Explain the yearning of my life,
The sweet tasting life,
Oh life,
Must I leave you, now?
Torn asunder, body into soil,
Assigned to fit collectively,
Perfection, made by God,
Plan to destroy, by death,
I can smell your haste,
The restless of your stick,
Imperatively in need,
To end of my life –
Oh God, let this be,
My last tears,
Let me wake up, in bliss
In the garden of heaven,
Sitting with my past,
Embracing my future,
In this, infinite life!
Revulsion of self,
Depicted by moral,
Shadow reality,
Imprisoned in a womb,
Then I am freed, but still
Shackled in a dream,
Running loose, like bats,
I am blind, not deaf
I can hear the calling,
Craving for lies,
Until this moment,

I can see, clearly
But unable to hear,
I can finally
see death,
And death,
Can at
last hear

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