The Perfect Daddy=]

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The Perfect Daddy=]

Post  classy01 on Wed May 14, 2008 6:33 am

You still in the back of my mind

When I close my eyes,

I see you like your in front of me

I still got them butterflies

Like the first time you gave to me

I miss your smile

And all the things that used to be

I feel like I changed my position

But where ever I go

It’s you that im missing

Sick to my stomach

Yet I still love it,

They say love is pain

But if your gone, I shouldn’t wait

The way you carry yourself

I see you being the perfect daddy

The way you looked out for little kids

Changed your attitude so they respect you.

Each day I wait patiently, for the feeling to escape

Nothing can rewind time, since it’s too late

But all you do, make your mama proud

I promise she watching over you

One day you’ll be the perfect daddy
And your babies will look up to you!

Ps. --Moderator: I got heaps of positive feedback on this! Hope you enjoy. flower


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