I Want To Meet Love

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I Want To Meet Love

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 28, 2008 4:09 am

Yeah, I wonder what joy it brings,
Or how it clings to pain and things,
How it swings in between –the life ring,
Is it safe –shall I be brave and go in blind,
Or stay behind, from the rest of mankind,
Can love make up one’s mind, and assign a new life?
Can it build a house and give birth to a new wife?
Can it safe a relationship, without the need to strive?
I wonder, if love is magic,
If it brings joy and entertainment, as well as tragic,
Provide angels wings, and befall the devils’ walking stick,
I wonder, if love is bitter,
The charm of glitter, raining in a hot weather,
Or the flame of fire, embracing the snowy winter,
I still wonder, if love is bending
Like a sad movie, with happy ending,
Or crying tears, with joy mending
I appeal to feel this surreal dream,
I want to reveal what I persist to deem,
Love I hear, like a surround sound,
Love I feel, like an earthquake underground,
It keeps me wondering under suspense,
I want to meet love, and have lovely experience.

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